Modern Slavery
Modern Slavery

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NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner’s Strategic Plan

The first NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner is Dr James Cockayne. In June 2023 he released a Strategic Plan for July 2023 to June 2026 – Working Together for Real Freedom.

It offers a roadmap for building effective anti-slavery collective action in NSW. There are five priorities:

Build prevention capacity

The Anti-slavery Commissioner is working with NSW government and non-government organisations to help them identify people who are vulnerable to modern slavery and prevent victimisation. This involves equipping frontline workers and establishing an effective support and referral hotline arrangement.

Enable remedy

The Anti-slavery Commissioner is working with service providers to improve access for people with lived experience of modern slavery to effective remedy. This includes strengthening access to effective support and fostering survivor leadership.

Foster responsible business practices

The Anti-slavery Commissioner is working with government and private companies to show leadership in identifying and addressing modern slavery in supply chains and investment. This includes removing products of modern slavery from public procurement and fostering responsible business practices in the private sector.

Change the narrative

The Anti-slavery Commissioner is raising awareness about modern slavery across NSW in a way that empowers survivors and builds the business and policy cases for anti-slavery.

Develop a community of purpose

The Anti-slavery Commissioner is laying the foundations for sustainable and inclusive implementation of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW). This means bringing stakeholders together to work towards the goals of the Act and ensuring that efforts to combat modern slavery can be sustainable and successful.